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Pressure measurement, testing and calibration software

Pressure measurement, testing and calibration software

9530 Additel/ACal
Pressure calibration & management software

9506 Additel/PCal
Pressure calibration software

9502 Additel/Log II
Real-time data logging and graphical software

9503 Additel/Log II Wireless
Real-time data logging and graphical software for ADT680W wireless digital pressure gauge

9510 Additel/Cal
Task management software

9500 Additel/Land & Additel/Land Wireless
Instrument download software (free)

9530 Additel/ACal
9530 Additel/ACal
Additel ACal is a powerful software package designed to automate or semi-automate pressure calibrations and manage your laboratory. ACal combines the pressure automation features with lab and asset management functions to help make your job easier and more productive. ACal comes in three versions: Basic, Professional, and Network.
ACal Basic supports asset management and task management features. ACal Professional is a single PC installation which combines all the features of Basic with automation functionality. And ACal Network puts the Professional version on a multi-user network platform.

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9506 Additel/PCal
9506 Additel/PCal Picture
The Additel PCal Pressure Calibration Software is used with the 681 pressure gauges, 672 calibrators, and any of the 9XX pumps.
Semi-automated calibration of pressure gauges, transmitters, transducers and other pressure devices can be performed.
Software can be used to manage reference standard instruments and devices under test, as well as generate and customize a calibration certificate.

9502 Additel/Log II
9502 Additel/Log II Picture
Real-time data logging and graphical software for the 681 series digital pressure gauges and the 672 series digital pressure calibrators.
Additel/Log II lets you acquire data to your PC. You can choose to display the real-time pressure measurement data in a table or in a graph.
All measurement results can be easily saved into an excel file.
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9503 Additel/Log II Wireless
9503 Additel/Log II Wireless Picture
Additel/LogII Wireless is specially designed to be used for real-time data logging and graphing with the 680W wireless pressure gauge. It is a necessary software in pressure data logging.
The features of Additel/LogII Wireless:
? It can automatically scan pressure gauges connected to the computer.
? Graphical interface can display the real-time pressure value and draw the curve for UUTS.
? Supports multiple instruments under test at the same time.
? To store pressure value according to the defined time.
? Supports data exporting in 3 formats.
? Multilingual user interface.

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9510 Additel/Cal
9510 Additel/Cal Picture
Task management software for the 22XA series multifunction process calibrators and the 761 series automated pressure calibrators.
Additel/Cal was designed specifically for task management of temperature and pressure calibration.
The main features include establishing a database of all reference and test instruments, maintaining a customer database, creating, uploading and downloading calibration tasks, generating a calibration report, and customizing the calibration certificate.

9500 Additel/Land & Additel/Land Wireless
9500 Additel/Land & Additel/Land Wireless Picture
With Additel/Land software, you may download test results stored in the internal memory of Additel calibrators to a PC, and export the results to an excel file. It is a free software package and can be downloaded at www.additel.com.

Click here to download Additel/Land Software For Additel 761/672/681(data logging version)

Click here to download Additel/Land Wireless for Additel 680W!

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