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761 facing diagonally left
761 facing diagonally left
761 facing diagonally left
Additel 761A-APXR
Automated Pressure Calibrator

  • Automated and self-contained pressure generation and control to 1000 psi ( 70 bar)
  • Up to 0.01%FS accuracy
  • Single pressure module
  • Control stability to 0.003%FS
  • Portable, designed for use in the field and in the lab
  • Ability to measure two external pressure modules
  • Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, USB and Ethernet communication
  • Full HART field communicator
  • HART and profibus communication
  • Data logging and task management
  • Patented electric pump technology and improved speed


At  Additel,  innovation  and  continuous  improvement  are  part  of  our  company's  culture  and  the  products  we  introduce.  When  we  set  out  to  deliver  the  Additel  761A  series  calibrators,  we  knew  we  needed  to  provide  breakthrough  improvements  and  additional  value  to  the  existing  line  of  calibrators  (Additel  761  series).  The  ADT761A  has  many  improvements:  increased  pressure  range  to  1,000  psi  (70  bar),  removable  internal pressure modules, optional precision models to 0.01%FS, increased speed to pressure,  ability  to  read  two  external  pressure  modules,  touch  screen  display,  Wi-Fi,  Bluetooth, and Ethernet communications, double the original battery life, and more!

ADT761A-APXR Precision Accuracy Options

The Additel 761A series includes a precision accuracy option which provides an accuracy of 0.01%FS. This calibrator option includes a single non-removable sensor and can measure absolute and gauge pressures. Model configurations are available from 15 to 1,000 psig (1 to 70 bar.g).