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220 facing forward
220 facing forward
220 facing forward
Additel 220
Multifunction Loop Calibrator

  • Measuring and  Sourcing loop current, mV, and V
  • Measuring and sourcing simultaneously
  • Loop integrity check capability
  • 24V loop supply with simultaneous current measurement
  • Three year warranty
  • ISO 17025-accredited calibration w/data included


The 220 is a highly integrated loop calibrator featuring several patented technologies, the calibrator is an ultra-compact, rugged, and best of all, easy to use hand-held device that will source, simulate and measure loop current, mV/V, loop integrity, and also perform switch testing. Its smart phone-like menu and interface makes it simple and easy to use. The 220 is ideal for calibrating, maintaining, and troubleshooting various loop devices in the field.