• Measuring and  Sourcing loop current, mV, and V

• Measuring and sourcing simultaneously

• Loop integrity check capability

• 24V loop supply with simultaneous current measurement

• Three year warranty

• ISO 17025-accredited calibration w/data included

The 220 is a highly integrated loop calibrator featuring several patented technologies, the calibrator is an ultra-compact, rugged, and best of all, easy to use hand-held device that will source, simulate and measure loop current, mV/V, loop integrity, and also perform switch testing. Its smart phone-like menu and interface makes it simple and easy to use. The 220 is ideal for calibrating, maintaining, and troubleshooting various loop devices in the field.

The 220 loop calibrator is a process tool for measuring, sourcing and simulating mA, mV and V, captures switch values and provides 24 V loop power. It is a high performance solution for calibration, repair and maintenance of various loops devices, loop integrity check, and switch capture.

Electrical Specification
Measurement Accuracy
Voltage DC-300.000 to 300.000 mV1µV0.01%RD+15μV
-60.0000 to 60.0000 V0.1mV0.01%RD+3mV
Current DC-30.0000 to 30.0000 mA0.1µA0.01%RD+1.5μA
Loop Continuity0 to 2000.0 ohm0.1Ω0.02%RD+0.2Ω
Switch TestFor the contact with potential, the voltage within the range 3V to 24V.
Source Accuracy
Voltage DC-10.00 to 200.00 mV0.01mV0.02%RD+10.5μV
0 to 12.000 V1mV0.02%RD+0.6mV
Current DC0 to 22.000 mA1µA0.02%RD+1.1μA
General Specifications
Operating Temperature-10°C to 50°C
Storage Temperature-20°C to 60°C
Humidity<90%, non-condensing
European ComplianceCE Mark
Protection LevelIP30
Display3.5 inch TFT color screen
Electrical ConnectionØ4mm sockets and flat mini-jack thermocouple socket
RS232 InterfaceStandard RS232-DB9 socket
Size3.9" x 7.6" x 2.0" (100mm x 192mm x 52mm)
Weight1.6 lb (0.7 kg)
Power SupplyPolymer Li-ion rechargeable battery,or 10V DC adaptor
BatteryRechargeable Li-ion battery (included)
Battery Life15 hours uninterrupted use
Battery life will be reduced when 24V is applied
Battery Charge110V/220V external power adapter (included)


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Additel 220 Multifunction Loop Calibrator Datasheet 2018.3.28 0.1 MB
Additel 220 Multifunction Loop Calibrator User Manual 2019.3.11 13.8 MB
Additel Multifunction Process Calibrator Selection Guide 2019.5.21 0.2 MB

Update Packages:

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Additel 220 Firmware Update Package 5.1 MB